After Runnymede

December 15, 2011

Last Friday night, I went with a friend to see this guy Christien play, who is a one man band called After Runnymede. He was playing at Smiling Buddha Bar downtown Toronto in a competition like battle of the bands. I had seen him play before at a benefit concert for Kids Help Phone this past October. I was impressed by his voice and interesting lyrics and decided to check out his website and go to his next show.

There were about 2o bands or so playing, all competing for a spot in the finals at the Sound Academy. This could lead to being signed and a record deal, so there was a high energy during each performance on stage. I am very interested in different types of music, such as pop, rock, alternative, indie, hip hop, etc, but some of the bands of the night were (in my opinion) too inexperienced and not very good. I believe I can say that because I have many friends who are musicians and I have been to many, many shows/ concerts, especially in the last two years.

We hung out with Christien for the night, and it is great to see a hard working musician who is very dedicated to his music, yet very kind and humble. When he hit the stage, we stood at the front of the crowd for the best view of the show. He had a great energy, even joking when his ukelele stopped working and when his guitar was out of tune. He performed songs off of his album (called Standing Still), including Minou, which has an awesome sound, and Do You, as well as a new song called Just For You, which is a personal favourite. The performance was great, and shows how he is meant to be a performer.

I found out later that people were to vote online to choose the winner who would go to the Sound Academy. I voted everyday, until I received a message from Christien saying that he hadn’t won, but he was being booked for the Sound Academy anyway! The date of the show is January 20th, where he will be battling other bands in the finals to get a record deal. Tickets are being sold now, and I am proud to say that I was the first to buy one. The more tickets he sells, the better his chances are of winning.

So if you are looking to find new music to listen to, a show to go out to, or you are just willing to support someone who is working so hard in a difficult industry, check out After Runnymede. You won’t be disappointed.!/afterrunnymede?sk=wall!/afterrunnymede


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  1. I’m speechless… xo

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