Adam Lambert does it again :)

December 17, 2011

Adam Lambert is one of my favourite artists. He has an amazing voice, and has dealt with many obstacles to be where he is now. He is part of the NOH8 Campaign and speaks out for LGBT rights, which I think is awesome. He has millions of loyal fans all over the world, and that number continues to grow.

I saw him perform twice in June of 2010, and he was simply amazing. I still don’t understand why he didn’t win American Idol, but there is definitely a reason why he made it so far on the show. He sounds the same when he performs live as he does on his cd, FYE.

He is working on his 2nd album, called Trespassing, which is set to be out March 20th, 2012. I am super excited! His first single off of the album is called Better Than I Know Myself. It was posted on his official site yesterday- and is up on youtube

It will be up on itunes to purchase on Tuesday, December 20th. It is an amazing song. Adam’s voice sounds incredible and it is very catchy. I believe I spent about an hour last night listening to it on repeat and I have listened to it about a dozen times today so far. It’s really incredible.

Go listen to it now!!!! ❤


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