Journey To The Center Of The Earth

December 17, 2011

I see this movie on tv from time to time, and usually when I go to watch it, they are playing some other movie instead. I have only watched the movie the entire way through once or twice, so when I saw it on tv again today, I decided I’ll watch it.

I have been a huge Brendan Fraser fan ever since The Mummy came out back in 1999. I was nine years old and I thought he was very dreamy and an awesome actor. When I heard about this movie coming out in 2008, I thought I would check it out since I have been a fan of Brendan Fraser for so long. I don’t think he’s so dreamy anymore, but I still think he’s a great actor.

The movie is about an hour and a half long and is about a scientist/ professor goes looking for his missing brother. His nephew travels with him and a mountain guide to discover a lost and dangerous world in the center of the earth. It is definitely a fantasy/ adventure kind of movie, seeing as some of the things in the movie are too odd to possibly be real.

In theory, the movie sounds kind of odd, but interesting. After seeing the movie, it is alright, but not great. There are good parts, and I still stand behind Brendan Fraser’s work, but the movie is really weird. It’s okay to watch once in a while if you’re really bored.

If I had to rate it out of ten, I’d probably give it a five, maybe.


4 Responses to “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”

  1. Terrific article thanks for this. Will be a regular here now 🙂

  2. Villa Areklo Says:

    This is great. I’m glad I have finally found someone who thinks like I do. Keep it rolling!

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