Not so funny people

December 18, 2011

So the movie Funny People is on tv today, and was on a few days ago, so I decided to watch it because I had never seen it before. It stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan and Leslie Mann, and is about a comedian (played by Sandler) who learns he has a terminal illness and decides to form a friendship with another performer and take him under his wing as his opening act.

If you have read my post from a few days ago about the movie Jack and Jill, you know that Adam Sandler is one of my favourite actors. Sadly, I did not enjoy Funny People at all. I had thought it would be at least a bit funny, but have a nice story because of the character’s illness. I actually turned it off about half way through the movie because I found it boring and depressing. Obviously I don’t know what happened after I turned it off, so the movie could have become more interesting, but I was not very interested in finding out.

I don’t think I’ll be watching this movie again.



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