Marianas Trench Rocks Much Music

December 19, 2011

The day was December 5th, 2011, the time- 7pm. I was standing outside of Much Music in the pouring rain, under my giant pink umbrella. There were lots of people inside and outside of the Much Music building, and everyone was excited. The reason for the excitement? MARIANAS TRENCH Live at Much!! One of the greatest bands, pretty much ever. I had seen them perform twice in concert (November of 2010 at the Direct Energy Centre where I waited all day in line, and August 2011 at the CNE where again, I waited all day) and once at the 2010 MMVA’s (where again, I had waited all day long). Each time, they were always amazing and had a great energy about them while they performed infront of lots of very excited people.

When they came out and started to perform, the noise level was ear piercing and if you weren’t already excited, you were very excited now, because the excitement was extremely contagious. They went on to perform Haven’t Had Enough, All To Myself and Stutter, and Josh (Ramsay) would walk and jump into the crowd, making girls scream and cry, and even making a few guys freak out. After these first three songs, they headed over to where they did their interview so I ran over to the window that was behind their seats to watch. If you have watched the show, or if you were there, you most likely saw a blonde girl wearing glasses holding a giant pink umbrella in the window behind them, and yes, that was totally me. A bunch of us were standing there freaking out, trying to get the guys to all turn around.

After the first part of the interview, the guys went on to play Cross My Heart and By Now, before coming back to finish the interview where again, I was standing at that window. When the guys walked over, Ian (Casselman) waved at me! This of course was very exciting (he’s the drummer for those of you who don’t know). So we all stood there and freaked out as Josh, Ian, Mike (Ayley) and Matt (Webb) finished their interview.

Once that was finished, the guys went on to perform their final songs for the night, being Fallout and Celebrity Status. When they started Celebrity Status, Josh was heading outside so I (again) freaked out and ran over to where he was going to be. After they finished for the night, Josh and Ian came out to say hello to everyone and sign autographs, and even though I jumped into the crowd and pushed myself as far in as I could go to get to Josh, I sadly couldn’t get close enough! 😦 I did have an exciting moment though, because Josh almost touched my hand. (I know this is like what a 14 year old girl would do, but you know, sometimes you just have to do these things and enjoy yourself)

Overall, the performance was awesome. Every song sounded great (although I watched it online afterwards and the sound sucked if you weren’t actually down there!) and the energy of the night was amazing. I’m so happy I went down for this.

Their newest album, Ever After, came out November 21st, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should!! The whole cd is a story, and is meant to be listened to from the beginning to the end. There is an awesome sound to every track, and it’s different from what a lot of other bands do.

Marianas Trench has so many fans around the world, and do you know why that is? They have amazing music. They are very talented (unlike some OTHER people in the industry who I won’t mention their names. They are big goofballs who just have fun with what they do. And, they love their fans. 🙂


If you haven’t checked this guys out, DO IT!!! You will not regret it.

I am so excited to see them again, as they are coming back to Toronto on February 19th, and they are opening for my favourite band in the ENTIRE WORLD….. SIMPLE PLAN!!!!! ❤ So excited. You really have no idea.



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