One Life

January 3, 2012

I have been a fan of Hedley for years. Their music is well written, the guys in the band are all very talented, and their songs have meaning to them, unlike some of the music that is out there which has no meaning or story behind it.

I recently heard their song One Life and saw the video for it. I had never heard the song before, and I must say it is a wonderful song. It’s about how we all have one life, which is our one chance to live how we want and do everything that we want to do, because your life might pass you by quicker than you expect. Part of the chorus is: “It’s a great big world, and you’ll see, It could pass you by at light speed, You got one life, one life, Don’t stop live up”. The song is on their new album “Storms”, which I have yet to check out and will need to do so.

The video for the song starts with a happy looking baby being thrown up in the air, and continues on with children and teenagers playing and fooling around, and Jacob Hoggard (lead singer) is dancing arand doing crazy things.

The song is beautiful and so is the video, so watch it now:



2 Responses to “One Life”

  1. Where else can I find this video? I tried watching it but it’s not available in my country (U.S.). Maybe it’s only in Canada? I’m upset.

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