After Runnymede Photos

February 1, 2012

On January 20th, After Runnymede played in the finals at the Sound Academy as part of the Supernova Hysteria– Battle of the Bands. He played five songs- a cover of Mad World, and his own songs: Minou, Cuba, Remember Me and Just For You. His music can be related to the sounds of John Mayer and has a great folksy/ alternative sound. Here are some photos I took of the show:

The set was awesome enough for Christien to win some studio time and a label showcase! I am so happy for him!

This post is meant to show off some photos from the show, and not so much a review. For more information about Christien and his music, check out my earlier post:

And also check out these links:!/afterrunnymede?sk=wall!/afterrunnymede


6 Responses to “After Runnymede Photos”

  1. Mel Says:

    Awesome photos! 🙂

  2. TBM Says:

    Sounds fun. I love the song Mad World.

  3. Christien Says:

    I like the 6th photo best 🙂

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