The Little Black Dress

February 8, 2012

If you’re a woman (or a man who enjoys wearing dresses), when you see them play you will love them like you love your little black dress. If you’re a man (or possibly a woman), when you see them play you will love them like you love seeing a pretty lady in a little black dress.

The Little Black Dress is everything you want in a band. They’re loud. They make you sing. They make you dance. They make you laugh and smile to the point where your face hurts. Their songs quickly become stuck in your head. They are a band you can listen to when you are happy, sad, angry, excited or just want to hear great music. When the show ends you will chant EN-CORE, EN-CORE, and you will become very distraught if they don’t have time for another song. These guys are rock n roll at its finest.

The band is made up of five super close and super goofy guys. The frontman is Dan. Now, you will always find Dan is the easiest to find if you’re looking for the band. Just look for the tall skinny guy with big hair and a constant smile on his face. Dan sings, plays guitar, writes songs and could not be a better frontman than he already is. As far as I am concerned, he’s one of the best there is when it comes to musicians with great energy and a need to please the crowd. He gets the crowd to sing and dance (and laugh when he’s dancing and bouncing around the stage), and if you’re lucky enough to be standing right in front of him, he might just come over and give you something (so then you can brag about it to your friends later). The guy you’ll see playing the keys and singing background vocals is Kyle. You may also see him drinking beer, dancing around, tripping on stuff and goofing off with Dan. As you can imagine, he’s pretty crazy, and you can tell by watching him that he loves what he does. Brian is the guy playing the pink guitar. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Really? He plays a PINK guitar? Are you sure you’re not seeing things?” And I would tell you that even though my vision may not be the greatest, I know a pink guitar when I see one. It’s awesome and Brian plays it very well. Enough said. Next there is Damian, who is the talented bassplayer in the band. He doesn’t seem crazy like some of the other guys, but you can’t have a rock n roll band without a bass player! Lastly, but definitely not least, is the drummer Lewis. When it comes to drummers, if the drummer in your band sucks, well then you’re screwed. Luckily for The Little Black Dress, Lewis is an excellent drummer. I always find it fun to watch what the drummer is doing while I’m watching a band perform, just to see what the expression on his face is. Anytime I have looked at Lewis while he’s playing, he looks very determined to play well but also looks like he’s having a lot of fun.

I have written about The Little Black Dress before, but I decided these guys are fun to write about and I would do it again. Their most recent show that I went to was on February 6th at The Hideout in Toronto, Ontario, and if you wore a little black dress you would get in free, so that’s exactly what I did! Bands playing before them were Use As Directed, Truthful Lies, The Midnite and Brendan DiStefano. They were all pretty good, but I of course was excited for The Little Black Dress. They came on stage around 9:30, and had a set list of 11 songs:

Each song had a great sound and energy to them. The order of the songs flowed well together and made for a great show. Dan has strong vocals, and along with Kyle backing, the vocals always sound excellent. The same goes for the keys, guitars, bass and drums. Every member in this band is so well connected that the band is always in tune with each other and sound amazing. If I had to relate The Little Black Dress to another band, that would be difficult. Their songs range in genre and they aren’t like most other bands; they’re better. Songs such as This Town and Call the Paparazzi are made for a party. Four on the Floor and Spotlight make you want to dance. They also have songs that are classic rock n roll, which makes me think that they could have fit in very well back in the 50’s with Elvis Presley.

The Little Black Dress has two EPS. The first is self-titled, and has the songs Call the Paparazzi, I Won’t Hide, Easy Type, Lovers vs. Enemies and Woman. The second EP is titled ‘Strut’, and has their songs Four on the Floor, This Town, Radio and Pills and Cheap Thrills. You can buy both of these EPs on iTunes. Their full length album, titled “Spotlight” is said to be coming out during Canadian Music Week (March 21st to 25th). I am excited for the full length and can’t wait to see which songs will be included!

I took a video of them performing their song ‘This Town’, so check it out:

The Little Black Dress is an excellent band from Toronto that just keeps getting better and better, even though I thought it wouldn’t be possible. I have been following this band for about a year and a half now, and every time they step on stage they surprise me by how much they’ve outdone themselves. If you want to talk to them after the show, you can just walk right up to any of them and start up a conversation. They all appreciate the feedback so that they can continue to improve. If you have trouble finding them, just look for Dan (with his big hair and huge smile) and talk to him. He’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet (musicians and otherwise) and he’ll love you for the comments you have about the band!

Honestly I am super excited for these guys and their future, and I am incredibly happy I’ve able to watch them go on this journey. Their music has given me good friendships with two of the members in the band, and an appreciation for each of the five members and the hard work that they do. It has also given me great friendships with people who enjoy their music, amazing music to listen to and some really great nights out watching them perform. There are so many stories that I will remember forever and will always bring a smile to my face, all because of The Little Black Dress.

I am very happy that his band is out there and I really hope I can help bring them new fans, so that everyone can love and appreciate their music and all of the hard work that goes into it. I am very proud of these guys. I wait for the day when they are huger than huge and I can stand there with a big smile on my face and tell everyone I know “I told you so!”!/thelbdmusic!/TheLBDmusic


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  1. Mel Says:

    Great review! 🙂

    Although I can’t see the last pic 😦

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