Sea Horse

February 23, 2012

I thought I would post some pictures of some animals I find to be really cool. The sea horse is definitely one of them. They have the greatest look about them! Not to mention, it’s the males who get pregnant, not the females, which I find to be funny. I also learned that babies are born as perfect miniatures of their parents, which is pretty cool. Although I think that could be rather confusing when a sea horse is trying to tell who is who!

Oh, and one more cool fact is that other than crabs, few predators eat sea horses. This is because they are too bony- who knew?! Do you like sea horses?


4 Responses to “Sea Horse”

  1. C Barron Says:

    I love sea horses. I find them to be tiny and fascinating creatures!

  2. Clareville Says:

    I love that it’s the male that take care of the young too. We have had an Australian Bush turkey in the backyard, who also takes care of the nest and eggs. We can see him from both our bedroom and my study. He works all day keeping the nest at a constant temperature. I’ll see if I can take some photos and post them on my blog.

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