Going On Vacation!

March 2, 2012

Hello to all of my readers! 🙂

First off, thank you to all of you who have stuck with me, and thank you to all of my new readers! I have had this blog for about two and a half months now and I’m really happy with the results. I’ve gotten over 1500 views which is pretty cool, and I have enjoyed talking to fellow bloggers!

Anyway, I wanted to post and tell you all that I am going on vacation to Florida! I may not have time to get online and blog at all for the week that I am gone. I do not want to lose any of you wonderful readers though, so please stick with me! If I have the time I may post a few vacation pictures, but I can’t promise anything. I want to relax (which will probably mean little to no internet!) so I will definitely do lots of blogging upon my return!

I will try my best to post this weekend, and then after that it will be goodbye for a week! Hope to see all of your posts, comments and likes once I return!



4 Responses to “Going On Vacation!”

  1. Sarah Harris Says:

    Enjoy your week off!

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