Three TV Shows on Netflix

March 26, 2012

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I sometimes go overboard with watching tv shows and movies on Netflix. Over the past month or two, I have been watching several different tv shows and have grown to love them. I know that (at least) several of my followers have Netflix and enjoy checking out new shows, so I wanted to tell you about three shows you should watch. They have all come out within the last 3 or 4 years.

The first show I wanted to mention is definitely my favourite out of the three; Drop Dead Diva. Drop Dead Diva is a comedy/ drama about a girl named Deb who was a beautiful aspiring model who ends up getting into a car crash and dying. She is sent to a place where they decide where she will be sent (Heaven or Hell) and she ends up pressing the return button to return to earth. She is not sent back into her own body, but instead is sent into the body of Jane, a “plus-sized” (<–I hate that term) brunette who is a very intelligent and successful lawyer. She has to now live her life as Jane, with all of Jane’s intelligence, but all of Deb’s memories. It is a great show that gives you tons of laughs and has some really great actors in it, including Brooke Elliot, April Bowlby and Jackson Hurst (who actually tweeted me about a week ago!!! Can you tell I was excited?). Definitely an awesome show that everyone should check out. Netflix has the first two seasons, we are waiting on the third to be put up, and the fourth season plays on Lifetime this summer.

The second show that I found is Accidentally on Purpose. The show was only created for one season (I don’t think the ratings were great), which I find depressing, but I found it to be incredibly funny. It is about a woman in her mid-thirties named Billie (played by Jenna Elfman) who has a one night stand with twenty-two year old Zack (played by Jon Foster, who was in Stay Alive) and gets pregnant. They then end up living together and the show is all about them trying to get along and figure out how they will raise the baby! I laughed through every episode, so I am not sure why they cancelled it, but at least we were given one season of a funny show. Look it up if you want to enjoy lots of laughs!

The third show that I found is Melrose Place 2.0. This is another show that was cancelled after only one season due to ratings, and I have only watched half of the episodes so far, but it seems to be pretty good. I never watched the original Melrose Place (I was too young when it was on) but I decided to check this one out. It is about a group of twenty-something professionals living at the infamous Melrose complex. They deal with drugs, relationships, violence, murder and more. The show stars Katie Cassidy (who has been on Supernatural and Gossip Girl), Jessica Lucas and Ashlee Simpson, among others. The cast all seem pretty good (except for Ashlee Simpson, but that isn’t surprising) and the plot has kept me interested so far so I think this one would be great for those to check out who enjoy young adult dramas.

Netflix also has some other great shows, such as Dexter and The Walking Dead, both of them I LOVE. I still say that they could use some more variety in their tv shows and movies, but so far I have been finding some great stuff to watch. If you decide to watch any of these shows, let me know what you think of them. 🙂


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