Summer Paradise

April 6, 2012

If you have read some of my earlier music posts, you probably know that Simple Plan is my favourite band. Since they are my favourite band, of course I’m going to naturally be biased and think that everything they do is great. While saying that though, I am a very honest person, so if they or any other band that I like puts out a song or video that I do not like, I will say I don’t like it.

Simple Plan has a song on their newest album ‘Get Your Heart On’, which came out last year, called ‘Summer Paradise’. On their album, K’naan is featured in the song, but they also decided to do a version of the song with Sean Paul, and recently made a video. The version with K’naan is definitely one of my top three favourite songs on the album, because it has a really nice beat and makes me think of summer! Since I like the song so much, I was a little skeptical when Simple Plan announced they did another version. To be perfectly honest, I don’t like Sean Paul’s version quite as much, I mean it’s still a good song, but I have never been a huge fan of Sean Paul.

The video for Summer Paradise was released one week ago, on March 31st, and I was excited to see it because I know it was filmed in Barbados, which I thought would be pretty cool. I watched the video shortly after and I really like it! I think it is very different than some of their other music videos over the years. I love the fact that the video focuses on all of the band, not just Pierre, the lead singer (although I do love Pierre). I also love the fact that the video shows the guys doing things that they like, such as David (bassist, back vocals) sleeping and Chuck (drummer) playing golf.

Watch the video:

I think it’s a great song, and a really awesome video. Both will make you think of summer and want to go on vacation!



2 Responses to “Summer Paradise”

  1. Brittany C Says:

    I agree with you 100%… Its an amazing song and really catchy and the video was amazing… But I like K naan’s version a lot better…Also not a big fan of Sean Paul… I am glad they released this as their next single… perfect timing…

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