April 8, 2012

Spotlight is The Little Black Dress’ first full length album! It is an album made up of 13 great songs, some of which are on their previous EP’s, and some of which are not! I was able to get my copy during Canadian Music Week in March, but the official release is not until the end of this month!

The Little Black Dress is a band that you can’t fit into one genre. They have rock songs, pop songs, dance songs, and others which I don’t even know what genre I could fit them into! They are a band of five guys full of energy and talent!

I wanted to rate and write a few thoughts on each individual song on the album, so here we go!

  1. Last One Standing: This song has a different sound compared to the other songs on this album, and kind of makes me think it’s more retro than the rest? Others may not agree with me on that, but I think it’s sort of retro, and I like it. I also love the lyrics to the chorus! 10/10
  2. Call The Paparazzi: This is probably the song that The Little Black Dress is best known for by their fans. It’s a very high energy song, and is totally a dance song! Whenever I hear it I want to start dancing around! 10/10
  3. Spotlight: Their album is titled after this song, so the song of course has to be excellent, which it is! There is just no way that you can hear this song and NOT want to sing and dance. It sounds great live and on the cd, and I love the lyrics! 10/10
  4. Radio: This is one of their older songs, and has this really cool sound! It is another one that is great to sing and dance along to. 10/10
  5. I Won’t Hide: I honestly can’t help but sing everytime I hear this song. That’s probably because it has really relatable and modern lyrics! 10/10
  6. Lovers vs. Enemies: The song sounds similar when it is played live, compared to the cd version, which I personally really like! The only difference which I find (and it’s a good difference!) is that you can hear Dan’s vocals a lot better on the cd, which is awesome! 10/10
  7. Be Your Man: I really love the sound of the drumming in this one. I think it really makes the song that much better! 9/10
  8. Four On The Floor: The beat is really cool, and Dan’s vocals are amazing on this song! I love it! 10/10
  9. This Town: This has been one of my favourite songs from The LBD for a while, and while it has a cool pop/ dance sound, my only complaint for this song is that I think it sounds better live than on the cd. It sounds very different on the cd, and personally I prefer the live version, because it has a lot more power when it is played live! 7/10
  10. We Are The Dream: I think that this song has a different sound than some of the others, as it’s a good one for slow dancing! I think it’s the only one on the album! 10/10
  11. The Easy Type: This is another song that I always want to sing and dance to, and is definitely one of my favourites! 10/10
  12. Liars and Saints: I love the lyrics in this song! They get stuck in my head and I actually have to hold back from singing on the bus and when I’m trying to sleep, as they can be distracting! Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a good kind of distraction! 10/10
  13. Woman: Everytime I hear Woman, I want to dance. It brings back some memories for me and makes me smile! 10/10

Overall rating= 126/130 = 9.7/10

So in total, I give this album a 9.7 out of 10. I would definitely recommend it if you want to hear songs with great lyrics, a great sound, and if you want to hear songs that will make you dance, make you want to learn the words to sing along, and will bring a smile to your face!

You can order Spotlight here: and it will be shipped as of April 24th! If you like the album, be sure to order merch and come out to a show if you can!!/thelbdmusic


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  3. […] Four on the Floor Published April 28, 2012 by Robyn Last night I went to see my friends’ band The Little Black Dress. They were playing at Rivoli (Toronto) for their album release party. I did a review of their new Album Spotlight a few weeks ago, so go and read it if you haven’t done so already: […]

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