Best Friends

April 11, 2012

Chief had his best friend Stryder over today. The two of them are so cute together that I just had to take pictures to show them off. 🙂

 Stryder has Chief’s toy, and Chief looks so happy to have Stryder over!


Chief and Stryder looking out the window together! This was after they both barked like crazy at the mailman and scared him!


7 Responses to “Best Friends”

  1. Mel Says:

    Awww 😀

    So cute!

  2. Fun pups! So cool to be able to play with a buddy. : )

    • Robyn Says:

      Yeah, they’re always very happy when they can play together!

      • Miss Stella loves to play and tries to get Miss Sadie to do so. She will romp a little, but her age kicks in before her heart and we have to calm her down. She wants to be as young and agile as Miss Stella, does fairly well, but we have to be careful.

  3. TBM Says:

    So adorable!

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