April 22, 2012

There are always things that will remind us of our childhood. Hopefully they will bring back good memories, but they will remind us nonetheless. I was born in 1990, so maybe some of you who were born around the same time may share some of mine:


  • Anything by the Backstreet Boys or Nsync
  • Baby One More Time by Britney Spears (I actually had dance moves to this song where I would sing at the top of my lungs and dance in our family room. Embarrassing!)
  • No Scrubs by TLC (I loved this song!)
  • Anything by Aqua, but especially Barbie Girl (Which by the way is still so much fun to listen to!)

Movies & TV Shows:

  • Cinderella (I watched it all the time as a kid, it was my favourite disney movie!)
  • Barney (Favourite show as a little kid, which drove my parents insane!!)
  • Sailor Moon and Power Rangers (My favourite shows around the age of maybe 8 to 10)


  • Cantaloupe (I couldn’t pronounce cantaloupe so I called it ‘pope’. My parents and grandparents still talk about it)
  • Kiwis (I remember my dad offering me a kiwi when I was 7 or 8 and I refused to try it because it was too weird looking. I still think they’re weird looking but they are very tasty!)
  • Spaghetti (This one is more so my parents and grandparents remembering my childhood. When I was like 2 they took me to the Spaghetti Factory (downtown Toronto) and I ate an adult sized portion of spaghetti when my parents couldn’t even finish theirs!)


  • Anytime I smell wood burning it instantly reminds me of camping with my dad. My sister, dad and myself went camping almost every summer from about the time I was five, up until a few years ago. I still love camping, we just haven’t been in a while.

That’s all I can think of right now. If anything else reminds me of my childhood, I’ll make sure to add it! What things remind you of your childhood? 🙂


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