The Voice Semi-Finals!

April 30, 2012

I have been watching The Voice ever since the beginning of last season. We are now in the semi-finals of season two. For those who don’t watch it, the show has a really cool concept. At the beginning when each artists sing for the four mentors/ team leaders (Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton) the four can’t see what they look like! This way, the artists are only being picked by their vocal ability and not on how they look. This season each team had 12 artists on it, and now they are down to the final two on each team. The mentors will give each artist a rating and everyone can vote from home (online, by phone or by buying the songs on itunes) and tomorrow night they will announce which one person from each team will go to the finals next week. When the winner is announced, they get a record deal and the title of The Voice.

Last season, a member of Adam’s team won (Yay!), who I had been rooting for. This year, I am rooting for another member of Adam’s team, Tony Lucca, who used to be in the Mickey Mouse Club with Christina. There are some other really good singers on the show, but my favourite is Tony! I really hope he wins! Does anyone else watch the show? Who is your favourite?



5 Responses to “The Voice Semi-Finals!”

  1. TBM Says:

    I haven’t been watching, but good luck to your favorite.

  2. Brittany Says:

    I like Juliet 😀 They are all really good though. I was sad Jamar had to go because him and Juliet were my favourites but since they were both on Cee Lo’s team they both couldn’t stay this week 😦

    • Robyn Says:

      I liked Jamar as well… I’m surprised he left actually. I’m not a fan of Juliet’s, so I was hoping Jamar would stay instead, but oh well. Tony is my favourite… when he sings he kinda reminds me of Jesse with the facial expressions he does lol

  3. celebrity news Says:

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