Day Two: B

May 2, 2012

Today is day 2 of challenging myself, so I am going to tell you some of my favourite things that start with B!

  • Baking (I love making and eating sugar cookies!)
  • Bagels (Especially everything bagels)
  • Banana Bread (Mmmm….)
  • Banana Popsicles (My all time favourite popsicle, ever since I was little)
  • Birthday (My birthday is always so exciting, it’s in September by the way)
  • Birthday Cake (Vanilla birthday cake is awesome)
  • Blackberries (Delicious…)
  • Bears (My favourite animal! I actually collect teddy bears)
  • Bees (My favourite insect, they’re so cool!)
  • Birds (Especially robins)
  • Butterflies (Always so pretty…)
  • Balloons (Yes, I’m still a kid at heart)
  • Bands (I love going to see live music and seeing my friends’ bands)
  • Barbies (I had a TON of them as a kid!)
  • Beach (Who doesn’t love the beach?)
  • Bed (I have an orthopedic, pillowtop mattress- best bed ever!)
  • Blonde (For those of you who don’t know, I’m blonde, and I love being a blonde!)
  • Boats (I love being out on the water)
  • Boardgames (A few of my favourites are Clue, Life, Payday and Monopoly)
  • Books (I love reading, especially books by Allison Brennan)

Well that is all that I can think of! Does anyone have thoughts on my list or favourites of your own that are different?


6 Responses to “Day Two: B”

  1. TBM Says:

    Sugar cookies are good. I should bake some!

    • Robyn Says:

      Sugar cookies are amazing! I don’t bake very often but when I do I usually make two or three batches of sugar cookies, they’re my signature cookie 🙂

  2. C Barron Says:

    Beer, brownies, birds, birder,beach and boats! The best!

  3. Seth Says:

    Another great blog post. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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