Day Four: D

May 4, 2012

Today is the fourth day of my challenge. So I’m going to tell you all some of my favourite things that start with D!

  • Dessert (Who doesn’t love dessert?)
  • Donuts (I’m not a big donut fan, but every once in a while I love to get a donut with sprinkles on it)
  • Dad (I have two dads, which is pretty great. I know a lot of people who don’t even have one dad so I’m thankful for two)
  • Daisy (Very pretty flowers)
  • Dalmatian (Very beautiful dogs, plus who doesn’t love the cute animated 101 Dalmatians?)
  • Dogs (My family has two dogs- Chief the Black Lab & Ozzy the Shih-Tzu!)
  • Dragonfly (I love how dragonflies can be different colours)
  • Duck (I always like seeing ducks, and of course feeding the ducks at the park)
  • Diamond (Every girls best friend, right?)
  • Dodgeball (I always liked when it was time to play dodgeball in gym class, even though I was terrified of being hit by the ball!)
  • Dresses (It’s nice when it’s warm out and I can wear my spring and summer dresses!)
  • DVDs (I don’t have a blu ray player, or any blu ray discs for that matter. I’m happy with my DVDs)

I can’t even think of anything else that starts with a D! Any thoughts?


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