Evil Shoes

June 11, 2012

Good morning readers.

Last night I hung out with a friend of mine and we went out for drinks. The weather was nice out and I wanted to wear my new sandals I bought in Florida a few months ago. Sadly, that was a mistake. The part of the sandals that are designed to keep your feet in were so awful that I ended up with awful sores all over the top of my feet. I don’t think the top of my feet have ever hurt so much in my entire life!! I don’t understand how shoes can be made this uncomfortable. As women, we have to put up with a lot with flats that cause blisters, sore ankles from poorly designed high heels, flip flops causing sore toes, and all the other awful shoe problems out there. It sucks!

If you ever see these shoes, don’t buy them!

They look very cute (and make you about two inches taller), but this is what will happen to your feet!:

Above is a photo of my right foot, which is by far worse than my left. At the moment I have two bandaids on my right, and one of my left foot to cover up the sores. Last night, it looked redder, and it feels a lot worse than it looks. My poor feet! 😦

Has anyone else had this problem with sandals?


4 Responses to “Evil Shoes”

  1. mountainmae Says:

    But they are so pretty- sorry they ate your foot.

  2. seth day Says:

    Nice blog! You’re poor feet though!!

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