Grave Mistake

June 16, 2012

After work today I was running some errands and bought a few dvds. One of them has several different horror movies in it (none of them I’ve heard of) so I thought I’d buy it and check it out, seeing as it was only five dollars. I figured most of the movies would probably be awful, but maybe a few are alright.

I started watching one called Grave Mistake, and I didn’t even get a half an hour into it before turning it off. I’m actually surprised I didn’t turn it off before that. The back of the case says “Someone has been dumping toxic waste in the local cemetery, and the townsfolk are about to discover it was a grave mistake! When a mutant breed of flesh-eating zombies rises from the graveyard and descends on the nearby village, a small group of survivors must battle their way through the undead to safety”. Now after reading this I figured it may be no good, seeing as I enjoy watching things such as Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead, and let’s face it- there are few zombie movies (or shows) that can actually compare to them.

The part of Grave Mistake that I watched was boring, poorly filmed, and had bad lighting and very bad acting. Clearly it is a “B” movie, as I figured it would be, but it seems to be more of an F movie or something… it seemed worse than many other B movies I have seen.

So if you come across Grave Mistake in your travels, don’t make a grave mistake by watching it.


3 Responses to “Grave Mistake”

  1. Lea Says:

    Hahaha, aaaaaw. It sounds like the kind of movie you need to watch with a group of friends.

    • Robyn Says:

      It was just so boring! I don’t want my friends to have to sit through it… unless I’m punishing them lol.

      • Lea Says:

        Well it’s not about actually watching the movie… more about complaining about it and talking about other things while it runs in the background 😛

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