Movie Update

June 19, 2012

Over the last three weeks or so, I have been buying a lot of movies. Most of them are ones I didn’t already have, and a few of them I do have on VHS, but I wanted to get on dvd since VHS tapes are of poor quality. I wanted to share which ones I have bought, and ask if anyone can recommend some good movies I should look into.

As for Comedy/ Dramas, I’ve bought: Beastly, Just Friends, Night At The Museum, Rumour Has It, and Uptown Girls.

As for Horror/ Thrillers, I’ve bought: Carrie, Darkness Falls (replaced VHS), The Eye, Halloween Resurrection (replaced VHS), I Know What You Did Last Summer (replaced VHS), I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream (replaced VHS), Stephen King’s It, and Vacancy. I also bought a movie that has eight horror movies within it.

Before you think that I have been buying a crazy amount of movies, hear me out. All of the movies I’ve bought were all inexpensive (usually $5-$10 each) and there are a lot more that I would like because I am trying to update my collection. Several of my friends and I enjoy having movie nights, and when I’m not feeling well or have free time I love watching movies, so it’s nice to be adding ones I don’t already have!

Right now I am mostly looking for horror, but I am open to other genres too. I just want to buy more that I know I would like to watch again, as well as checking out some new movies I’ve never seen! The main genres I like are horror, thriller/suspense, “chick flicks” and comedy (although I can be picky with comedy, but I love Adam Sandler, and Jim Carrey is pretty funny as well). So does anyone have any suggestions? 🙂


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