What Have You Been Watching Lately?

August 18, 2012

Good evening,

Tonight I wanted to ask everyone what you all have been watching! I would love to get into some new tv shows so I thought this would be a good way of doing it. As for myself, I have been watching a lot of reruns of Charmed, as well as the newest season of Dexter (I bought it on dvd). I tend to like a lot of thriller/ horror/ supernatural type shows, such as Supernatural, Buffy (I have all of the seasons, and I still love it even though it’s over), Angel (Again, I have all the seasons), Dexter and Charmed as I mentioned before, and of course I can’t forget The Walking Dead, which is the greatest show ever to come out for a horror fan such as myself! I enjoy comedies such as How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Friends (I have the collectors set of all ten seasons and still watch them regularly). I also like a few teen type dramas such as Gossip Girl and 90210, and I followed Desperate Housewives and One Tree Hill when they were on. (I know, I watch too much tv sometimes)

So, what tv shows have you all been watching lately? Can you suggest any that I should check out?


2 Responses to “What Have You Been Watching Lately?”

  1. TBM Says:

    I’m usually no help with this. I watch a lot of sports. I recently got into Modern Family and love it! The British comedy The Inbetweeners is pretty funny, but I will warn you that the humor is very crude. So if you don’t like that type of humor, please don’t watch it.

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