I would like to mention a song today called Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. It is a very upbeat pop song that has been very popular for the last two months or so. If you haven’t heard it on the radio, check it out now.

Good Time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7HmzwI67ec


This is my song of the day for September 29th. I’m sure all of you who live in Canada, the US (or most places for that matter) will have heard of Avril Lavigne. She is Canadian and sings mostly pop, along with some rock, and has been popular for about ten years now. She has had a few songs on each of her albums that I have really enjoyed, and today the one I want to mention is Girlfriend. Sometimes I want to go around dancing and singing this song to particular people. A few of my friends who see this will no doubt laugh, as I expect them to.

ANYWAY, go check out Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg59q4puhmg

Oh, and it was her birthday on the 27th so happy birthday Avril!

Fall Colours

September 26, 2012


I took this photo yesterday while taking a walk with my mom. I love how it turned out!


September 25, 2012

Sorry everyone for still being distant. I have been staying at my mom’s since Thursday and have not been on the computer much. My posts don’t always work from my phone either so that’s why I’ve been rather silent!

Right now my mom and I are watching The Big Bang Theory and I am not feeling well so I hope I am not getting sick! What have you all been up to the last few days?

Look, it’s Supernatural!

September 23, 2012


Season 7 of Supernatural- watched 9 episodes so far! I can’t wait for season 8 to start in October, which is when my other shows start back up too! Are you waiting for any tv shows to start?

Cats or Dogs

September 22, 2012

Are you a cat lover or a dog lover?

Sometimes choosing can tell a lot about you. I grew up having cats, and have always considered myself a cat lover. I volunteer with cats and kittens, and love them so much! I also love dogs though. My family has two dogs: a black lab named Chief, and a shih-tzu named Ozzy. I love both of our dogs very much and would do anything for them. No matter how much I love my dogs though, I am still a cat lover!

I find that cats are very independent and incredibly intelligent. Dogs are more happy when they’re with other dogs or people, and I know dogs can be very smart, as they can learn names and commands, but I still believe cats are a bit smarter. They just choose not to learn commands 🙂

Either way, I love cats and dogs! Do you think you’re a cat or dog lover?


September 21, 2012

I bought the 7th season of Supernatural two days ago. It’s one of my favourite shows! Does anyone else enjoy it?
I plan on watching a bunch of episodes tomorrow!