Cats or Dogs

September 22, 2012

Are you a cat lover or a dog lover?

Sometimes choosing can tell a lot about you. I grew up having cats, and have always considered myself a cat lover. I volunteer with cats and kittens, and love them so much! I also love dogs though. My family has two dogs: a black lab named Chief, and a shih-tzu named Ozzy. I love both of our dogs very much and would do anything for them. No matter how much I love my dogs though, I am still a cat lover!

I find that cats are very independent and incredibly intelligent. Dogs are more happy when they’re with other dogs or people, and I know dogs can be very smart, as they can learn names and commands, but I still believe cats are a bit smarter. They just choose not to learn commands 🙂

Either way, I love cats and dogs! Do you think you’re a cat or dog lover?


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