My 21st fact is that i love horror movies. I am a horror fanatic! I could probably teach a class on horror movies, i just know them so well 🙂

Is anyone else a huge horror fan?

Happy Halloween!


Good afternoon,

My 20th fact is that I love Justin Timberlake, haha. He and JC were my favourite members of *Nsync. I’ve had a crush on Justin since I was like 8 or 9 years old, although who hasn’t? Even my mom thinks he’s cute.

So we’ve had pretty shitty weather since last week, as I’m sure many others have, but last night was awful! Because of Hurricane Sandy, a lot of Southern Ontario was hit pretty bad with winds and rain. I believe that I heard that Sarnia, Owen Sound and of course Toronto were hit the worst, among with a few other places. We’ve been lucky, because our power never went out, but I know a lot of others weren’t so lucky. Last night there were tons of trees down, wires down, there was a fire and a woman was killed by a falling sign in the west end of Toronto. None of that even compares to the Northeast US though, as many don’t have power (and probably won’t for days), a lot of areas are completely flooded and I heard at least 15 people have died. Hopefully the weather will get better for everyone soon, and I really hope that everyone stays safe from this point forward!

Today is day 19 of my 50 days of giving facts about myself. My fact for today is: I have loved Britney Spears’ music since I was a little kid. I’m sure most 90’s kids loved her too. She is, and will always be, the princess of pop! You can’t go wrong by listening to Britney 🙂

Today the weather is icky! Because of Hurricane Sandy going through the states, here in Ontario we’ve had crappy weather the last few days, and it’s supposed to get much worse in the next few hours. It’s windy and cold right now, and the wind is supposed to get worse and we’re supposed to get tons of rain. Ick!

So today I am sharing my 18th fact about myself. My fact for today is: My favourite part of the Christmas season is gingerbread. Giving and receiving gifts is great, and seeing family members (those who I like) is nice, but eating gingerbread is the best! Every year I make a gingerbread house, and then eat it within like two days. I know, I know, someone such as myself who has studied nutrition should know better, but I only get to do this once a year! Once Christmas is over, you can’t find gingerbread anywhere, unless you make it yourself, which I would be making and eating constantly. So I think that making my gingerbread house and eating it quickly at Christmas time is okay!

Does anyone else have a gigantic love of gingerbread?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am feeling rather bored with posting facts each day. I’m going to continue with it, but it would be nice if more people were posting facts too, so please comment!

My 17th fact is that I love bees. They are so cool! I also love ladybugs, butterflies and caterpillars. They are all so interesting! I was always the kid going around trying to catch butterflies and encouraging caterpillars and ladybugs to crawl onto my hand. The only problem was when I would discover that some caterpillars are poisonous, and when we had that outbreak of nasty ladybugs that bite! I also think snails are pretty cool- I always try to take them off the sidewalk so they don’t get stepped on. I’m not a fan of most other bugs though.


October 27, 2012


While waiting for the bus I took a photo 🙂

So I didn’t get around to posting my fact yesterday, as I was not on the computer long. My friend and I went to see a movie at the Toronto After Dark Festival (they show horror, action, sci-fi, etc). We saw In Their Skin, which was a very strange movie, but it was pretty good.

So my 15th fact is: I am intolerant to eggs. Eating eggs or foods with a lot of egg in them gives me awful stomach aches! It sucks, especially since eggs are a great source of proteins for vegetarians, but oh well. Not much I can do about it!

My 16th fact is: I love tomatoes. I eat tomato almost every day, in sandwiches, salads, wraps, pasta, chili and more. Tomatoes are definitely one of my favourite things to eat. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that either!