50 Facts About Me: Day Eighteen

October 28, 2012

So today I am sharing my 18th fact about myself. My fact for today is: My favourite part of the Christmas season is gingerbread. Giving and receiving gifts is great, and seeing family members (those who I like) is nice, but eating gingerbread is the best! Every year I make a gingerbread house, and then eat it within like two days. I know, I know, someone such as myself who has studied nutrition should know better, but I only get to do this once a year! Once Christmas is over, you can’t find gingerbread anywhere, unless you make it yourself, which I would be making and eating constantly. So I think that making my gingerbread house and eating it quickly at Christmas time is okay!

Does anyone else have a gigantic love of gingerbread?


2 Responses to “50 Facts About Me: Day Eighteen”

  1. Mel Says:

    I love gingerbread…nom nom nom

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