Hello everyone!

Today is the last day of my 50 day challenge! The last two facts about myself are that I love travelling, but I get carsick so I much prefer flying, and other than becoming more outgoing, I don’t think I’ve changed very much since I was a kid! I’m more outspoken as well, but otherwise I’m pretty much the same person I’ve always been I think.

So I hope you have enjoyed reading my 50 facts about myself, and I encourage everyone to share facts about themselves. 🙂


Good afternoon,

My 48th fact about myself is that I am afraid of heights and snakes. I know many people are afraid of heights, so it is a very popular fear. I don’t know many people who are afraid of snakes, other than my grandpa. Snakes is probably my worst fear. As for heights, I have no issue flying (I prefer it over driving) but I have problems climbing up things (such as ladders, although that has to do with my fear of heights and the fact I suffer from vertigo), and looking up at very tall things (it makes me dizzy). My fear of heights is a little different than most, as I refuse to stand on the glass floor at the CN Tower, but I have no issue going on Drop Zone at Wonderland. I believe though that a fear of heights is more so a fear of falling (for most of us anyway), so if I feel safe I’m usually okay. With Drop Zone, I know I am latched into my seat, but I don’t like steep roller coasters where I feel like there’s not much keeping me in and I could either fall out the side or we could fall backwards. As I said, my fear of heights is a little odd, but it’s manageable, as long as stupid people don’t start bothering me to do things I really don’t want to do- because if you do that, you’re not going to like my response!

My fact for today is that I love going to the zoo! I love seeing all the animals and taking lots of pictures. My favourite animals to see would be polar bears, giraffes and alligators. I’m sure that probably sounds like an odd mix of animals, but they are cool! I like seeing most of the other animals as well, but those are my favourites. 🙂

My 46th fact about me is that I have never liked my first name. It’s okay though.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

My 45th fact about myself is that I hate musicals! I don’t like musical tv shows, movies, plays or anything like that. People find that strange because I love going to concerts, but concerts are different. You are going to see an artist or band that you like and they will be playing songs that you like. You are only there for music. Musicals on the other hand are annoying because everything is normal, people are talking and then all of a sudden burst into song. I find it very irritating. I would much rather go see a comedic play or a horror movie. No musicals!

My 44th fact about myself is that I love reading fashion, beauty and gossip magazines. As for fashion and beauty, some of my favourites are Elle, Elle Canada, Fashion, Flare, Lou Lou, Lucky and Glamour. I know many people don’t like gossip magazines, because a lot of what they say are false, but they are fun to read, and I love reading the fashion and beauty sections in them. I also love to see what my favourite actresses are wearing and buying. They are all so much fun to read. 🙂

After today, I only have seven more days of facts to share!

My 43rd fact is that I don’t like salty foods. I don’t even add salt to my cooking, unless it’s absolutely necessary. The only salty things I do like are saltine crackers, pretzels, and nuts, which are delicious. If any of them are too way salty though, I won’t eat them. I rarely ever crave anything salty, so when I do I just usually have some saltine crackers, especially since they also calm my stomach. I’m much more of a person who craves sweet things, as I have a huge sweet tooth. I also love sour things. Sour candies are my absolute favourite, since they are sour and sweet. 🙂