50 Facts About Me: Day Thirty Five

November 14, 2012

Hello everyone 🙂

I think that if you read all of the facts that I have posted about myself, as well as all the ones I will continue to post until my challenge is finished, you will learn quite a bit about me. My 35th fact is that I have trouble trusting people. I always have. It could be from the fact that I moved a lot growing up, and opening up to new people is difficult for anyone, especially when you are the new kid all the time. I know one reason for sure is that a lot of people have screwed me over over the years. You don’t have to worry about people telling your secrets or the private details of your life if you simply don’t tell them anything you don’t want to. It’s a sad fact that at a young age I began to feel this way, but I’ve learned that it’s just easier in the end if you don’t trust most people, because they don’t deserve it. Only trust those who you feel you can always count on.

So if we are friends and you don’t know very much about me or my life, there’s probably a reason for that.


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