50 Facts About Me: Day Thirty Six

November 15, 2012

So, continuing on with my 50 day challenge, here is my 36th fact: I have a really awful temper. It could be in my blood, seeing as my dad’s side of the family is from Newfoundland and everybody knows that newfies have bad tempers. It could also be from growing up with my step dad being around since I was 5 years old, and he has a very bad temper (his family’s from Nova Scotia). So whatever the reason may be, I can’t deny that I have a very bad temper. I try not to unleash it on unsuspecting people, but sometimes they deserve it. 😛


One Response to “50 Facts About Me: Day Thirty Six”

  1. TBM Says:

    I’ve learned to control mine and now I’m much more relaxed.

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