50 Facts About Me: Day Fourty Eight

November 27, 2012

Good afternoon,

My 48th fact about myself is that I am afraid of heights and snakes. I know many people are afraid of heights, so it is a very popular fear. I don’t know many people who are afraid of snakes, other than my grandpa. Snakes is probably my worst fear. As for heights, I have no issue flying (I prefer it over driving) but I have problems climbing up things (such as ladders, although that has to do with my fear of heights and the fact I suffer from vertigo), and looking up at very tall things (it makes me dizzy). My fear of heights is a little different than most, as I refuse to stand on the glass floor at the CN Tower, but I have no issue going on Drop Zone at Wonderland. I believe though that a fear of heights is more so a fear of falling (for most of us anyway), so if I feel safe I’m usually okay. With Drop Zone, I know I am latched into my seat, but I don’t like steep roller coasters where I feel like there’s not much keeping me in and I could either fall out the side or we could fall backwards. As I said, my fear of heights is a little odd, but it’s manageable, as long as stupid people don’t start bothering me to do things I really don’t want to do- because if you do that, you’re not going to like my response!


2 Responses to “50 Facts About Me: Day Fourty Eight”

  1. TBM Says:

    Better half is terrified of snakes…one of the first things that is asked when I propose an exotic trip, “Are there snakes?”

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