Grey Boots

January 31, 2013


These are the grey boots I bought after Christmas. Can’t wear them until I spray them though. What do you think?



January 30, 2013


These are one of the pairs of shoes I bought after Christmas. They were only $10 (and not actual snakeskin obviously, just synthetic). I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet but I’m looking forward to it! What do you think of them?

Sleepy Baby

January 26, 2013


Cookies Please

January 24, 2013


Chief wants cookies!

Dog Meets Kitten

January 23, 2013

I want to share a very cute video with you today. It is of a dog meeting a kitten for the first time. They are so sweet!

Watch here:[]


Pretty Little Liars

January 21, 2013

A few days ago I discovered that the first two seasons of Pretty Little Liars was added to netflix. One of my friends follows this show, and I have watched episodes here and there, but have never followed it. I have now watched the first nine episodes of season one, and I am really enjoying the show. It is about four teenage girls who’s friend goes missing and is found dead one year later. They drifted apart in that year, but are brought back together when they start receiving creepy and threatening messages from someone called A. They are now trying to find out who A is, as well as who killed their friend Alison.

Does anyone else watch this show? So far it is quite good and I am going to continue watching it! If you do watch it though, please don’t tell me any spoilers!

My Baby

January 20, 2013


Here is my baby, Chief 🙂