Texas Chainsaw 3D

January 7, 2013


Yesterday I went to see Texas Chainsaw 3D, which is the first of hopefully many great horror movies to be released this year. It was released on Friday (January 4th) and made $23 Million this weekend, beating out all of the other films playing right now.

In this 92 minute horror flick, a young woman named Heather finds out she was adopted and travels to Newt, Texas to collect an inheritance from a grandmother she never knew she had. She has no idea that what’s in store for her includes a killer, who wears his victim’s faces as his own, and uses a chainsaw as his weapon of choice.

Texas Chainsaw is the seventh (yes, you read that right, I said the seventh) movie in the franchise. This film picks up where the original 1974 film leaves off, so if you have seen the original or the 2003 remake, you will be able to follow along. Many unknown actors star in the movie, but the two who caught my eye were Tania Raymonde as Nikki (who you may know from Malcolm in the Middle as Cynthia, and Alex from Lost), and Shaun Sipos (who you may recognize from Melrose Place 2.0 as David, and from the movies The Grudge 2 and Final Destination 2).

While watching the movie, I found that approximately the first half was filled with too many horror puns, unnecessary comedic moments and irritating camera angles. Once the second half of the film got on it’s way, I found the movie became more enjoyable, being filled with lots of suspense, gore, and a terrific view of the story that I had never considered. The ending is a surprise and as someone who has seen more horror movies in the last 10 to 12 years than most people probably see in a lifetime, it can be difficult to surprise me; but Texas Chainsaw managed to do the unthinkable. One thing I think I would change is that I found that the film did not use the 3D effects quite as much as I would have thought, so personally I think it would have been better to just see it in 2D.

After watching Texas Chainsaw, I would recommend it to any horror lover. The film definitely has it’s flaws, but I believe that if you are a true lover of the horror genre- meaning you love gore, you know your favourite horror movie killer by heart and you can’t help but talk about horror when given the opportunity, then watch this movie. Afterwards you can come back here and we can discuss everything from the movie and the genre. 😉


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