50 Facts About Me: Day Five

October 15, 2012

My day five fact about myself:

I volunteer at an animal shelter. I volunteer as a kitten feeder, and do cat enrichment. I have been volunteering there for almost 3 and a half years now, and I love it there! There’s nothing better than working with cats, whether they are kittens or adults. 🙂

Do any of you volunteer?


Aid For Abby

August 21, 2012

Good evening everyone!

I would like to make you all aware of a cause I have been following for a while now. There is a family living in the US who have had a very tough time. The mother is on disability and can not work outside of the home, and this past May she lost her partner. Her partner had welcomed her and her family into their home, and helped them with expenses, emotional support, and more. This woman (Benita), has a teenage son as well as a younger daughter named Abby, who has autism and OCD.

When her partner passed away, life became even tougher for the family and they are now in the process of losing their home. If you know someone with autism, or any other kind of mental disorder, you know that daily life can be very difficult, and change is not handled well. It hurts both Abby and her family. Benita is raising money through selling Abby’s artwork (she loves art), as well as home made dog biscuits (the family has 4 animals, including Abby’s therapy dog). She is also raising money through the website indiegogo. She is trying to raise $9000 for a down payment of the home they are residing in, which was her partner’s home. If she can raise the money for the home, she will be able to keep some stability in Abby’s life, and hopefully Abby can continue to make progress with her autism.

If you could all help her out in some way, she would really appreciate it, as would I. I don’t personally know this family, but I can’t stand to hear about people (or animals) suffering. Please check out the links below, share them with your loved ones, and donate if you can. Abby and Benita will be thankful. Every little bit helps.

Blog page: http://aidforabby.wordpress.com/

Indiegogo fundraising site: http://www.indiegogo.com/aidforabby?c=home

Online shop for Abby’s artwork and Benita’s home made dog biscuits: http://www.etsy.com/shop/aidforabby

Hi everyone,

I want to let you all know about something. A lady named Benita has a daughter named Abby who is autistic. A few months ago, Benita’s significant other passed away suddenly and now she is having financial trouble. She herself has medical problems and is not able to work outside of the home. She has been asking for financial help so that she can buy the home owned by her significant other, because otherwise her and her family (she has several animals and another child I believe) will have nowhere else to live.

She is selling Abby’s artwork (Abby loves to paint) as well as homemade dog biscuits to try to raise money for her to buy the home. If you could go look at her online donation page and help her out by donating (if you can) and sharing her story, I’m sure she would really appreciate it.


Click To Give

July 25, 2012

For all of you who are animal lovers, please check out www.theanimalrescuesite.com You can click to give free food and care, sign petitions, send ecards and check out their store. Everything on their site helps animals in need so please check it out! I’ve been using this site for a few years now.

Have a great day everyone!

I forgot to write an update on the post I wrote about Jewel, the dog battling heartworms who had lost use of her back legs. Charlene (her owner) had taken Jewel to the vet to get tests, and Jewel took a turn for the worst. She seemed to be having a very rough day and was in a lot of pain, so Charlene had to make the difficult choice to put her to sleep.

I am very sad to say that Jewel went to sleep for the final time over the weekend. If anyone would like to send a message to Charlene, you can do so over facebook and twitter.



RIP Jewel. 😦

Help A Dog In Need!

July 11, 2012

I know I just wrote a post about a song for everyone to check out by a friend of mine, but I wanted to write a different post to make you all aware of something. On twitter, I began following a woman with the name @HelpforBear, about 6 months to a year ago. She was trying to get the word out that her dog named Bear was very ill (with cancer) and she needed help. She is a single mom on a fixed income trying to find some generous people to help her out. After a few months, Bear became extremely sick to the point where her vet needed to put him down. It was a very sad time for Charlene, and to make it worse, for months her dog Jewel had been dealing with bad heartworms and she was finding it difficult to pay for the medication.

The situation as it stands now is that Jewel still has the heartworms, she eats very little (or not at all some days) and now can’t use her back legs. She has been having to buy doggie diapers because Jewel can’t go to the bathroom outside (or walk at all) and Charlene has to lift her back legs to get her in and out of the car. She now has to have blood tests and xrays done at the vet to see what is going on, but Charlene does not even have the money to take her to the vet. The vet is afraid that if Jewel can not be treated and gets worse, they will need to put her down, but Charlene does not want to have to do that (she had to put down Bear, as well as a previous dog) and even if that is the case she does not have the money to do so.

The reason I am telling all of you this is that I would like to try to help Charlene. She has had a very rough time, and although she has some support over twitter and facebook, she does need more help. So if you could please go to her Chip In site for Jewel, read her updates, spread the word, and donate if you can, I would appreciate it and I know Charlene and Jewel would appreciate it more than you can imagine.


Thanks everyone.

I just wanted to write a quick post to talk about the OSPCA Walkathon that I’m doing. On May 26th (which is my mom’s birthday!) I am participating in the OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Friends For Life Walkathon to raise money for animals! This is the third year that I am participating in the walk and I’m very excited to be doing it again! The money that is raised goes towards sheltering, adoptions, cruelty investigations, advocacy, spaying and neutering and more.

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up having cats, up until I was 15 which was when my family got two dogs. Animals are such amazing creatures. They don’t judge, they’re always there for you, and unlike your siblings (or possibly children) they don’t talk back. I moved around a lot as a kid (I’ve been to 10 different schools) and it was always nice to have a pet who will stay by your side when you start going to a new school and have no friends. Animals are more than just pets, they’re family to me. I always say that animals are better than some people, therefore animals should be treated equally as people, if not better. This is why events such as this walkathon are so important to me, as well as animal charities and shelters. I volunteer at an animal shelter (for three years now), and I have done work with other animal shelters and charities as well. I would really like to see more people go out and help (especially so called ‘animal lovers’)… whether it be doing events such as this walkathon, volunteering at a shelter or just donating a little bit of money to your favourite animal charity.

I try to do my part for animals as much as I can, by volunteering my time and donating when I can. And just to add, I’m also a vegetarian of six and a half years, I don’t wear fur, I sign every anti-animal abuse petition I find, I try to find products which are not tested on animals, and I do anything and everything I can to help. So if you love animals, please join me- join an event, donate, volunteer, look for products not tested on animals, sign petitions, or whatever else you can think of so that you can say that you STAND UP FOR ANIMALS. You don’t have to start doing every single thing tomorrow, but if you start small you can grow from there and make a big difference. 🙂

Please let me know if you are interested in joining a walk (they’re all across Ontario) or event, or have any questions about how to do or start something!