That One, Dad…

August 21, 2013

That One, Dad...



February 25, 2012

I think alligators and crocodiles are two of the coolest animals ever. The above is a photo that I took of a photo of an alligator in a wildlife book/ binder that I have. I’m not sure who took the photo, but it’s great! I’m not even sure why I really like alligators, as I don’t like snakes and they look similar in some ways, except of course for the fact hat alligators have legs. I just think alligators are really interesting with how they move and swim, and how they can sneak up on other animals or people. I really want to see an alligator up close, and by that I don’t mean at the zoo because I’ve seen them there. I’ll be travelling to Florida soon, so maybe I’ll see one there? I can hope! 🙂