What’s Your Number?

September 23, 2013

I just rewatched What’s Your Number, which I bought last week for $5, and I forgot how funny it is. The film stars Anna Faris and Chris Evans and was released in 2011. It is about a woman who looks back at the past twenty men she’s had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love.

It is very funny, although I must warn you there is some swearing and inappropriate language. Anna Faris is hilarious, and humorously awkward at times, and Chris Evans starts off as a womanizing jerk, but we later see he is a sweet (not to mention hot) guy. I think most women would like this, and probably some men too. I would give it a 9 out of 10. Check it out! 🙂


Safe Haven

March 27, 2013

I saw Safe Haven last month with my best friend. It’s a great movie, starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. The 115 minute film was released on February 14th this year. It is about a young woman with a mysterious past who lands in Southport, North Carolina, where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunt her.

The movie also has Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother. It has tons of suspense, drama and romance and has a big surprise! It is a great film for anybody who loves drama and likes a bit of romance thrown in. I would recommend it to pretty much anyone, and I would rate it a 10 out of 10. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂

Texas Chainsaw 3D

January 7, 2013


Yesterday I went to see Texas Chainsaw 3D, which is the first of hopefully many great horror movies to be released this year. It was released on Friday (January 4th) and made $23 Million this weekend, beating out all of the other films playing right now.

In this 92 minute horror flick, a young woman named Heather finds out she was adopted and travels to Newt, Texas to collect an inheritance from a grandmother she never knew she had. She has no idea that what’s in store for her includes a killer, who wears his victim’s faces as his own, and uses a chainsaw as his weapon of choice.

Texas Chainsaw is the seventh (yes, you read that right, I said the seventh) movie in the franchise. This film picks up where the original 1974 film leaves off, so if you have seen the original or the 2003 remake, you will be able to follow along. Many unknown actors star in the movie, but the two who caught my eye were Tania Raymonde as Nikki (who you may know from Malcolm in the Middle as Cynthia, and Alex from Lost), and Shaun Sipos (who you may recognize from Melrose Place 2.0 as David, and from the movies The Grudge 2 and Final Destination 2).

While watching the movie, I found that approximately the first half was filled with too many horror puns, unnecessary comedic moments and irritating camera angles. Once the second half of the film got on it’s way, I found the movie became more enjoyable, being filled with lots of suspense, gore, and a terrific view of the story that I had never considered. The ending is a surprise and as someone who has seen more horror movies in the last 10 to 12 years than most people probably see in a lifetime, it can be difficult to surprise me; but Texas Chainsaw managed to do the unthinkable. One thing I think I would change is that I found that the film did not use the 3D effects quite as much as I would have thought, so personally I think it would have been better to just see it in 2D.

After watching Texas Chainsaw, I would recommend it to any horror lover. The film definitely has it’s flaws, but I believe that if you are a true lover of the horror genre- meaning you love gore, you know your favourite horror movie killer by heart and you can’t help but talk about horror when given the opportunity, then watch this movie. Afterwards you can come back here and we can discuss everything from the movie and the genre. 😉

This Means War

January 2, 2013

Good evening readers,

This is my first post of 2013. It feels strange to be writing 2013, but otherwise I feel no different about it being a new year. Anywho, I just watched the movie This Means War, starring Reese Witherspoon (one of my favourite actresses), Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. The movie is about two top CIA agents who discover they are dating the same beautiful woman, and battle one another for her. The movie is a romantic comedy, and has action for those who enjoy it. It was funny and very entertaining, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I have always been a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon, ever since I watched her in Legally Blonde actually, and she is the reason why I wanted to watch this movie. I have seen Chris Pine in several movies, and I had not known who Tom Hardy was, until I found out that he was Bane in The Dark Knight Rises! I had absolutely no idea, so that was rather amusing for me.

Anyway, the movie was pretty good. The two guys are both very funny and will try everything to try to get the girl. Reese Witherspoon is funny and charming as usual, and plays her role well. I personally did not enjoy the ending, as I think Reese’s character made the wrong decision in the end, but I will leave it up to you to watch the film and see what you think. Overall I would give the movie a 7.5 out of 10. If you enjoy any of the lead actors, or you like romantic comedies check this out.

So today I went out and saw the new Silent Hill movie, and honestly I didn’t think it was that great. It was really strange. I prefer a simpler horror movie where the killer is killing stupid teenagers in the woods or something. I enjoy the suspense and jumps that movies such as Silent Hill brings, but I enjoy the gore and simplicity of regular horror movies such as Friday the 13th or the original Halloween. So I wouldn’t suggest Silent Hill Revelation to anybody.

Today is my 32nd day of my 50 days of facts. My fact for today is that Reese Witherspoon is one of my favourite actresses! She is always great in every movie, my favourite being Legally Blonde. xD


October 11, 2012

If you love animals, but haven’t seen the Garfield movies, I would suggest watching them. I bought Garfield the movie and Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties on dvd two days ago. I had watched both movies before but didn’t remember them well. After watching them again, I can tell you that there are lots of adorable animals in both movies, and if you love animals you should definitely watch them. They are a little cheesy, but cute nonetheless.

Garfield is voiced by Bill Murray, and Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt also star in both movies. Check them out 🙂

Calling All Horror Fans

March 3, 2012

I am a huge horror fan, as I am sure some of my readers are. I have come across some cool websites which are great if you love the horror genre.

http://horror.com/ This site has movie reviews, book reviews, a forum, photos and much more. I recently read a review on this site for the movie Silent House, and I am looking forward to seeing it.

http://horrornews.net/ This site is one I’ve known for a while. I enjoy reading reviews and watching trailers on it!

And last, but not least,

http://www.horror-movies.ca/ I’ve known about this website for a long time. I am a fan of theirs on facebook, and I follow them on twitter. They always have great reviews, movie trailers, and information about upcoming horror movies.

If you are a fan of horror movies, or the horror genre in general, check out these websites. These are just three of many, many horror sites that you can find. If you are looking for more, you can search horror on whichever search engine you use and you will find many more.

My one question to all of you: Has anyone seen any good horror movies lately? 🙂