Fashion Star Season Two

March 8, 2013

Season Two of Fashion Star premiered tonight! I just watched the episode and I am excited to continue watching this show!

Does anyone else watch Fashion Star? My favourite mentor is Jessica Simpson 🙂


You may know that I had started watching the show Pretty Little Liars on netflix a month or two ago. They only have seasons one and two up, and I just finished watching them. Season three is airing on tv, so hopefully once it is done they will put it up on netflix immediately!

Pretty Little Liars is about four friends who’s friend went missing. They find out she was killed, and try to find out who killed her. As they search for answers, they start being stalked by someone calling themselves A. There are many suspects, and at the end of season two there are many questions answered, as well as many new questions asked.

Pretty Little Liars airs on Much Music, and is an awesome show! It has so much suspense and keeps you on your toes as you watch each episode. The actors are great, as is the script, and I am definitely looking forward to season three being added! I could watch it as it airs on tv, but there’s a lot I would have missed so I will have to wait until netflix adds it.

If you enjoy watching teen dramas (which you don’t have to be a teen to watch, as I haven’t been one for years!) I would check out this show. It’s really good!!

Too Cute

February 5, 2013


A yellow lab puppy on Animal Planet’s show: Too Cute!

Pretty Little Liars

January 21, 2013

A few days ago I discovered that the first two seasons of Pretty Little Liars was added to netflix. One of my friends follows this show, and I have watched episodes here and there, but have never followed it. I have now watched the first nine episodes of season one, and I am really enjoying the show. It is about four teenage girls who’s friend goes missing and is found dead one year later. They drifted apart in that year, but are brought back together when they start receiving creepy and threatening messages from someone called A. They are now trying to find out who A is, as well as who killed their friend Alison.

Does anyone else watch this show? So far it is quite good and I am going to continue watching it! If you do watch it though, please don’t tell me any spoilers!

An Interesting Find

January 5, 2013

Good evening,

I have been looking over my statistics for my blog, and I have found something very interesting and very intriguing. My home page is my most viewed page, but as for the most viewed blog post, that would be 2012 Horror Movies I Look Forward To. I wrote the post last January, and it has been viewed over 530 times, which is more than 200 times more than the next most viewed post. I find this very interesting, because as you may know already, I love horror movies. As a genre, they are better than any other genre, and I have seen so many that there is no possible way to count them all. I embrace the title Horror Buff, and could talk Horror all day long.

Since I now know that this is such a popular topic among my wonderful readers, this means I will write more posts about horror movies and all of their glory. If there are any movies in particular you would like me to write about or review, let me know. This will also give me a chance to go more into the genre in other ways than just movies. I read horror novels, watch horror shows and overall love the genre so I am sure I can come up with lots to write about. Let me know if you have any suggestions! 😉

And here’s a little quote to leave you with:

“She just goes a little mad sometimes…. We all go a little mad sometimes” (Psycho, 1960)

I won!

December 20, 2012

On Monday, I found out that Much Music was giving away a Gossip Girl prize pack, so I entered to win. On Tuesday, I was minding my own business surfing the internet when I got a private message on twitter, and I won! I was so excited. The prize pack included seasons one through five of Gossip Girl, a Gossip Girl tote bag and the Gossip Girl game.

For a lover of the show, it was very exciting. Gossip Girl had it’s final episode this past Monday. After six seasons, the show has ended forever. It’s so sad! So when I won, I was very excited to have actually won something, but to also have won something from a show I love. I went to pick up my prize yesterday, and after some confusion and almost 30 minutes of waiting, I got my prize! It is very awesome, and I have started watching the show over again now.

Have you ever won anything that made you excited? 🙂

My 45th fact about myself is that I hate musicals! I don’t like musical tv shows, movies, plays or anything like that. People find that strange because I love going to concerts, but concerts are different. You are going to see an artist or band that you like and they will be playing songs that you like. You are only there for music. Musicals on the other hand are annoying because everything is normal, people are talking and then all of a sudden burst into song. I find it very irritating. I would much rather go see a comedic play or a horror movie. No musicals!