Best Albums & EPs of 2011

December 30, 2011

Some really great albums and EPs have come out this year, so I decided to pick my top five and share them with you, and tell you why you should go buy them RIGHT NOW.

5. Blink 182- Neighborhoods: I was very excited for this album. After being broken up for years, Blink 182 finally got back together and made an album! With tracks like Up All Night and Heart’s All Gone, it is definitely an album to check out. It has a new sound compared to Blink’s previous albums, which I think has something to do with Tom Delonge’s work in Angels and Airwaves, and Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker’s work in +44. Definitely a great album, especially if you are a longtime Blink 182 fan, or just a fan of good music.

4. Prince Caspian- Late Night Calls (EP): Prince Caspian frontman David Charles Fischer is a good friend of mine and a very talented musician from Elora/ Toronto. He has a wonderful voice and is able to write great songs. He gives any venue a good vibe when he steps onto the stage to perform, and always gives a fantastic set, whether it be alone or with full band. The EP only has 4 songs on it, but all 4 are great. It’s hard to pick a favourite, because they all are well written and sound fantastic. Over the summer, a music video was filmed for the first track titled Christian Girls (which I am proud to say I am in!) and it’s awesome. You should check the video out, and you should check out Prince Caspian. Great lyrics, great sound, great vibes…. and I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend. I give credit where credit is due, and this guy deserves a HELL OF A LOT OF CREDIT. 🙂

3. The Little Black Dress- The Little Black Dress (EP): The Little Black Dress is a Toronto based band made up of 5 talented guys; Dan- frontman/ songwriter/ guitar player/ friend, Brian- guitar player, Damian- bassist, Kyle- keys/ bassist/ back vocals/ friend, and Lewis- drummer/ back vocals. Everytime they get up on stage they have a crazy energy and the crowd is super excited. The songs are well written, sound great, and make you want to dance. This EP is no exception. The 5 songs on the EP are each fantastic in a different way, my favourite being I Won’t Hide. They also have another EP, titled Strut, which is great too! Every song these guys put out makes me wonder why they aren’t huge already, because they should be. Every show they do ends up being crazy packed with friends, family and very loyal fans that they definitely deserve to have more of. Please check them out, because this band is amazing. And again, I’m not saying this because I have friends in this band. They are VERY TALENTED!  

2. Marianas Trench- Ever After: Being a fan of Marianas Trench for a few years now, I was excited for the new album to come out. These 4 guys (Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley & Ian Casselman) are an incredibly talented band who love their fans. This new album has such an amazing sound and every song makes me want to sing and dance, and let’s face it, I can’t sing or dance but I want to when I listen to this album. My favourite songs on the album are Desperate Measures, Toy Soldiers and Haven’t Had Enough, and even though I picked three, those were difficult to pick because this album is just fantastic. The album is made as a story, and each song is meant to be listened to in order. Their concerts are amazing, and it’s no surprise that they have tons and tons of fans everywhere. If you haven’t checked out this album yet, CHECK IT OUT!

1. Simple Plan- Get Your Heart On: Simple Plan is my most favourite band in the entire world, and as far as I’m concerned they can do no wrong, but they have outdone themselves this time. Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Seb Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco are so unbelievably talented. They write amazing songs and are amazing live! They are also incredibly nice guys (I met them in June) and are very dedicated to their fans. The album is so great, I honestly can’t pick one favourite song because I truly love them all. Every song tells a different story that fans can relate to. The album is amazing, so check it out, right now.

Also, Simple Plan is touring Canada in February, and Marianas Trench is opening with them. FANTASTIC!! I am super excited. You should be too. Check them out and get tickets! Maybe I’ll see you there.



Zoo Diaries

December 30, 2011

For those of you who have never heard of or watched the show Zoo Diaries, it’s a show made at the Toronto Zoo. It’s all about the different animals that they work with and the projects that they do. I usually see it on Animal Planet, and they also play it on the Pet Network.

I am an animal lover, and I always have been. I also have been a volunteer for two summers at the Toronto Zoo, so I know more than the general public would on certain things that the zoo does, as well as being able to go into parts of the zoo that the public can’t go into! It was pretty cool to find out that the zoo has their own show, especially since I have volunteered there.

On the show they show us some day to day work that they do with the animals, and what they have to do in special cases. In the most recent episode that I watched, which by the way was a repeat, they had to give Monty (a crocodile) a feeding tube because he hadn’t been eating. I had not seen this being done whenever I would volunteer, so it was interesting to watch. I think the show is a good way to educate the public on what the staff does behind the scenes, since the general public will never see a lot of it. The zoo does do public feedings and talks at certain times each day for particular animals that the general public can watch which I think is great. I watched the feeding for the cheetahs once and that was a cool experience.

As a volunteer, I have been able to do many things that the public can’t do, but they could possibly see on the show. I was able to get up close and personal with some camels and pat them as I learned about the camel’s feeding schedule. What was even better was when I was able to go behind the scenes with the male indian rhino, and pat him and feed him! He was just like a big huge dog, it was really funny, and it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

So I’ve gotten a little off topic from the show, but to finish off, if you’ve never watched the show and you’re interested in zoos and/ or animals, I would check it out. It’s good to learn what they actually do in zoos so that we can all understand what they do and better support them. Also, if you live in Toronto or the GTA and want to volunteer, go to and see if there’s a volunteer position available that you would like to do!

Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies

December 29, 2011

Adam Sandler is my favourite comedic actor. He has done so many great movies that I thought I should write up a simple top ten list of my favourite Adam Sandler movies, based on nothing but how funny they are.

Here’s my top ten:

10. The Wedding Singer (1998)

9. Grown Ups (2010)

8. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)

7. Big Daddy (1999)

6. Mr Deeds (2002)

5. Jack and Jill (2011)

4. 50 First Dates (2004)

3. Little Nicky (2000)

2. Happy Gilmore (1996)

1. Billy Madison (1995)- My all time favourite Adam Sandler movie. Watch it now!

He’s done other great movies as well such as Anger Management, Waterboy, and The Longest Yard, but the above would be my top ten. It was difficult to put them in order because each movie is very funny. Look them up if you are interested in watching some hilarious movies.

If anyone is also an Adam Sandler fan, which movies would you pick as your top ten?

Billy Madison Poster

The Blind Side

December 29, 2011

It’s no wonder that Sandra Bullock won an oscar for this movie. I love her movies, but this one is truly amazing. It came out in 2009 and is based on a true story about a boy named Michael Oher. He was a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family. Sandra Bullock plays Leigh Anne, the caring woman/ mother who takes Michael into her home when she sees that he has nowhere else to go. He had lived a horrible life in a bad neighbourhood with a drug addict mother. All of his teachers thought he couldn’t learn anything and wouldn’t amount to anything. They were wrong.

Michael is a very sweet guy who is extremely loyal and protective of the ones he cares about. The things he says and the pains he had to live through make you want to cry at certain points in the movie. Even though he has been through so much, he is still so strong. This should make the audience realize that even though we all have horrible things happen in our lives, we should be grateful of what we have.

The movie also stars Tim McGraw as Leigh Anne’s husband Sean and introduces Quinton Aaron as Michael. It’s a little over two hours long, but definitely worth taking that two hours to watch. The movie has it’s funny moments, as well as sad moments and those moments that make you have to smile.

I’m not even sure what else to say about this movie to make you want to watch it, but it’s really amazing. If you like any of these things/ people, watch this movie:

1. Sandra Bullock movies

2. You want to watch a movie with Tim McGraw (I’m not a country fan and didn’t even realize he was in this for the longest time, but he is pretty good in this movie)

3. Movies based off of true events/ stories

4. Movies that are heartwarming

5. Movies that make you believe in people

6. Movies with a nice ending

7. Movies with football

OR, if you just want to watch a new movie that is really good. Some of those movies that win oscars are not very good, but this one really is. Please go and watch it, and let me know what you think of it.

When In Rome :)

December 29, 2011

When in Rome is a comedy about a unlucky-in-love NY curator named Beth, who takes a trip to Rome for her sister’s wedding. An unexpected crush takes her by surprise at the wedding, but she quickly feels let down. She then decides to take coins out of the Fontana de Amore, which ignites the passions of several suitors, who then seem to appear everywhere she goes once she is back home.

The movie stars Kristen Bell (Pulse), Josh Duhamel (Transformers, as well as being Fergie’s husband), Will Arnett (Blades of Glory), Jon Heder (also Blades of Glory, but more importantly, Napoleon Dynamite) and Dax Shepard (Without A Paddle). Danny Devito and Anjelica Huston are also in the movie, along with a few other possibly familiar faces. It came out in 2010, is about an hour and a half long and is rated PG 13 for suggestive content.

This movie is a romantic comedy, so those of you who enjoy these types of movies, make sure to watch it. It is very funny, especially with the guys following her around, but it also has it’s heartwarming moments. But, before I go any further, it’s not a sappy movie the whole time so those people (ahem, men especially) don’t go and say you’ll never watch it because it will be too girly. Not true. It is an incredibly funny movie. To give you a little more information to get you to watch it, here you go: One guy is an artist who at first is trying to get a look at her feet to paint them and ends up chasing her all around, One guy is a crazy magician who enjoys stealing people’s watches, One guy is an overly cocky model who can’t get enough of himself, and the other guy, well he’s weird and tries to give her sausages.

If you want to sit down and have a laugh, watch this movie. It doesn’t have Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey or any of those incredibly popular funny guys in it but it will still make you laugh. I’d give it about a 9.5 out of 10. (It could have gotten that extra 0.5 if it had a incredibly popular funny guy)


The Final Destination

December 26, 2011

First off, Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to everybody!

So yesterday I watched The Final Destination, which is the fourth movie of the Final Destination franchise/ series (or whatever you choose to call it). I own this movie, and I own the first three as well. I find the overall story of the movies to be rather intriguing.

For those who may not have watched any of the movies before, they center around someone having a premonition where an accident is about to happen. In the first movie it is a plane crash, the second is a big highway pileup, the third is a rollercoaster accident, and in the fourth is a crash at a racetrack. There is also a fifth movie which I have yet to see. After the premonition, the person usually freaks out and refuses to be involved in the premonition, therefore saving their life along with friends and others lives. After this, the survivors start to die in the order that they died in the premonition. The survivors then have to figure out what the order is in order to save their lives.

The fourth movie starts off at a racetrack where this guy sees that everyone is going to die in a firey crash. He ends up causing a fight and leaving the stadium, along with his friends and some others, who all end up surviving the horrific crash. Afterwards, he starts seeing how the survivors will die and must figure out who is next and how he can prevent each of them from dying. Compared to the first movie, I don’t think it is as good. It does keep to the basic plot though, which is nice to see, so that if you have seen the previous movies you can try to figure out what may happen next. I would probably rate the movie about a seven out of ten I think.

The movie came out in 2009, and is filled with actors who I did not know, except for Shantel VanSanten who plays Lori, who is in One Tree Hill and plays Haley’s sister Quinn. Since all of the other actors are unknown to me, I did not have anything to compare them to, which in a way can be good because it gives them a fresh start where I am not comparing them to how they were in other movies or tv shows.

Overall, I believe it is a good movie. There is a lot of suspense, which keeps you guessing as to who is going to be next. There is also a lot of gore, so those who do not appreciate gory movies may not like this. Gore does not faze me in any way, so I didn’t have any problem with it.

If you are interested in seeing this movie, but you have not seen any of the first three movies, I would suggest to go watch those first. You don’t necessarily need to watch them, but there are some things that come up in this movie that may make more sense if you have watched the first three.

Clearly now I suppose I should go and watch the fifth movie. When I do, I’ll let you know how it is.


Holiday Season

December 21, 2011

So this is a very busy time of year. I am at my mom’s for the week for Christmas, and many other people I know are with their parents or other family for the holidays. My family celebrates Christmas, not for any religious reasons though. Many of my other friends celebrate Christmas as well, and some celebrate Hannukah.

It sure doesn’t feel like Christmastime though, although I don’t mind that we don’t have any snow as of right now!

Anyway, I’ll keep from rambling and get to the point. Since this is a busy time of year and I am not at home, I may not write for a few days, but I am sure I’ll have lots to write about once Christmas is done.

To everyone who has read this or have been reading my other posts, thank you very much! This is all new and I have had a great response to my blog which is awesome 🙂 May everyone have a great christmas (or hannukah or whatever you may celebrate!) and a wonderful new years!